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A lot of people have been asking me what to do with leftover apples from their apple picking adventures.

Apples are diverse and can be used in sweet or savory dishes.

If you are looking for some yummy ways to eat apples — besides the obvious, slathered in peanut butter…Here are a few delicious suggestions on how to use them up!

  • Roast diced apples with onions and fennel (toss with olive oil, salt and pepper) in a 425 degree oven until tender. Serve with roasted chicken or pork chops as an easy side dish.
  • Prepare an apple pie in an aluminum pie tin and freeze uncooked — This is a great way to be prepared for “drop in guests”…especially around the holidays. Just bake it off and enjoy!
  • Slice apples in half, scoop out center and fill with brown sugar, raisins and honey. Bake and top with Greek Yogurt or ice cream.
  • Make an apple compote to top french toast, waffles, or to eat on it’s own! Link to an Emeril recipe I love.
  • Make my Caramel Apple Dessert (see post from last week)
  • Add slices to a turkey sandwich with brie and honey mustard
  • Toss with an arugula salad, goat cheese, dried cranberries and simple vinaigrette
  • Add apples to pumpkin or butternut squash soup for added sweetness.
  • Turn coleslaw up a notch by adding grated apples.

photoI was in the mood for something sweet last night after dinner.

We have apples left from the farm so here’s what I came up with.

I love to invent things based on what I have on hand…it’s fun, you should try it!

This tastes exactly like a caramel apple….Fall is here!


1 large apple sliced thin (you can peel it if you like)

2 tbsp apple cider (can use apple juice or water too)

1 tbsp orange juice

dash of cinnamon

pinch each of nutmeg, ground ginger and salt

2 tbsp brown sugar

drizzle of honey

1 tbsp butter

caramel frozen yogurt (I used Stonyfield)


Melt butter in sautee pan on medium high heat. Add sliced apples and cook for two minutes. Add remaining ingredients (except for frozen yogurt) and cook for about 5 minutes until apples are soft. Top with caramel frozen yogurt and enjoy!

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